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basic 2 Business Presentation Skills Workshop

Aperfect entry for anyone to learn basic essential skills to plan, prepare and present four spoken presentations (1) One-2-one  (2) Group  (3) Public and (4)Team. Learn how a Business subject content, thoughts & ideas could be presented in a logical way.  

Attend two-day enriching Public workshop being conducted regularly by www.editin.com                                    

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Get @head with Soft Skills Workshop

Career seeking Collegians & Company Executives get an overview as to  what and how the  30+ soft skills help achieve excellence in their performance and  succeed in their chosen field of work. 

This 4 Hour in-house workshop empowers anyone to understand from a corporate perspective "What soft skills one must acquire & possess during three phases of career."                      

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In-House Workshops

www.editin.com has been conducting workshops on various topics including the workshops mentioned (1) & (2) above,  to suit to the needs of Companies, Banks and Organizations as in-house programmes in their premises or at any venue of their choice exclusively to select audience.  The easy to follow When-How-Where logistics and Fee options are available to conduct the collaborative workshops.                  

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Free Mini Workshops

www.editin.com  organizes Public as well as In-house  workshops for a short duration. These workshops are  introductory resource sessions on personality development topics. These promotional workshops can be attended by any prospective participant or persons representing organizations who proposes to get www.editin.com to conduct in-house programmes in future. Admission is FREE. Conditions apply.

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