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www.editin.com organizes short duration Free Mini Workshops.

Mini workshop covers introductory resources on personality development topics.
Mini workshop can be attended by any individual who has a desire to hone Communication Skills.
Mini workshop helps prospective participants of editin workshops to get a better idea and  feel of workshops. 
Mini workshop can also be attended by representatives of the Companies / organizations / Educational Institutions who proposes to engage www.editin.com to conduct in-house programmes in future.
Attend our upcoming public mini workshop & get enriched.

12 essentials to improve Communication Skills

# Process of Communication # Types of Communication
# Need of Communication # Confident Communication  
# Communication & Public Speaking # Communication is not a Game
# Communication 2 Start & Proceed # Communication + Social Skills
# Communication at work place  # Communication as team-mate
# Training in Communication Skills # Build Best Habits to get-ahead
Date & Day   17th February, 2007 - Saturday-Duration: One Hour plus
Time:  12-00 Noon or Alternative Session:  3-00 pm 
Venue: Hotel Goutham Manor, No: 74 Nungambakkam High Road , CHENNAI, India
Brochure: Click here to download
Language: English   Dress code: Formal Mobile Phone: Power off
Entry: Free A Xerox copy of your photo identity card [write your contact Tel/Cell Number & email id] to be handed over at the entrance.
Reporting Time : Fifteen minutes before schedule time of mini-workshop

Leverage Your Savvy and Skills into income  Become www.editin.com Business Associate / Business Co-ordinator / Associate Faculty   /  Media Associate.

Important Info:


Registration is pre-requisite to attend the Mini-workshop. You can submit online Form or Contact: our  Business Co-ordinator in Chennai Mr. Rajan on 9894848641 or 9884466236 
Workshop venue/date/timings may be changed / rescheduled due to external circumstances. After online registration, please check  your emails or enquire over phone for latest information.
Right of admission into workshop hall  is reserved with www.editin.com

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www.editin.com Mini-Workshop

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After filling all the fields & before clicking to submit this form, PRINT this page to carry a copy to the venue for quick identification.