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 1234 Presentation Skills Workshop b2B Presentations Workshop  Executive Workshop  Mini Workshops Semi Workshops eBook Visual Workshop

 business To Business Presentations Workshop makes weak presenters more comfortable, and seasoned presenters stronger.  Presentation Tip Communication isn't about what you say. It's about what people see and hear. That's  whether in business or everyday life..


A good presentation could mean increased business, successful negotiation, personally and professionally rewarding relationships. After a few years of experience, individuals acquire functional skills and become "good at their work". However, only those who have good business presentation skills, make the cut and get ahead with promising career and opportunities. A presentation is one of the most important tools in business world to get the things done - be it persuading colleagues, selling to a customer, energizing a team, showing an idea to senior management, the power of  presentation makes the difference between success and failure.

b2B [means business to Business or it may mean small business to Big Business] Presentations Workshop is designed for those business Executives who have little or reasonable experience as presenters  and for those who would like to 'freshen up' their presenting style. The essential components of this TWO DAY workshop, therefore include  an advanced orientation-cum-hands on practice from planning and preparation to performance of a Presentation on business subject content, thoughts & ideas in a logical way. It helps the participants to deliver that content with better self-confidence using powerful techniques. 

Clear, concise and convincing approach will be adopted during this workshop enabling participants to graduate from simple presentation to best presentation. This workshop is aimed at improving the effectiveness of Business Presentations with an emphasis on orientation, interaction and experimentation.

Delegates of this workshop get involved in practical work straight away the sessions are alive and buzzing from the start. The workshop deals with more practical exposure and exercises. Therefore the participants feel very involved. This helps boost learning and ensures that everyone has the opportunity to discover new skills or improve existing ones.

 Back to Top   b2B Presentations workshop -2 Days - is for Businessmen & Working Executives  who would like to freshen up or fine tune their presenting skills          Presentation Tip             Be true to yourself and speak from the heart.


The modules of  b2B Presentations Workshop have been designed to achieve the following 12 objectives:

  • Structured approach to plan and prepare

  • Compile and organize content  

  • Refresh material before each presentation

  • Create key messages for (1) One-to-one presentation (2) Presentation to a Group (3) Public presentation (4) Co-Presentation or Team Presentation.

  • Use effective visual aids

  • Rehearsing / practicing to check presentation flow

  • Creative approaches while presenting

  • Deliver presentations with energy and confidence

  • Develop skills to identify and to overcome difficulties while making presentations

  • Handling audience and questions

  • Self-appraisal of strengths and deficiencies in presentations

  • Move to a higher level of presentations

Back to Top  Presentation Tip     Audience get quickly impressed by clear objectives of any PRESENTATION  rather than a show of false intellect & wit


The participants of b2B Presentations workshop will be able to ...

  • Identify the right tools to jump-start presentation preparation

  • Fine tune content and structure to create maximum impact

  • Develop a more persuasive and impressive speaking style

  • Use Business vocabulary with Business words pronunciation skills

  • Develop appropriate intonation and body language

  • Use visual aids and other resources effectively

  • Understand the importance of timing to allow for audience concentration

  • Deliver audience-oriented presentation

  • Quickly build rapport with audience

  • Understand and meet expectations of audience

  • Handle follow-up questions

  • during & after presentation
  • Summarize presentation and offer acknowledgements

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Every Participant of this workshop experience the following value additions:

  • opportunity to make sample presentations before unfamiliar audience to eliminate fear of speaking before audience, thus improve self-confidence to make professional presentations.

  • practical opportunity is provided to enhance current skills .

  • finer points of co-participants' presentations are observed to possibly adopt them at right place.

  • abnormal reduction in deficiencies and improvement of strengths in presentation skills.

  • interact and develop networking with other participants which may result into developing new leads / customers / clients for products / services.

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I learnt lot of new aspects & skills in the workshop. I strongly recommend others to join the workshop. P.A.K.Murthy, Civil Engineering Consultant, Chennai - India

more testimonials ....


This workshop is divided into several sessions with following components:


  • Overview of concepts and dynamics of Presentation Skills

  • Objectives of Presentation

  • Self-assessment of existing Presentation Skills by all participants

  • 9 Aspects Of A Dynamic Presentation - Aspect#1=The Presenter

  • Quote to Note

  • Selection of a subject for Business Presentation

  • Introducing yourself

One-2-One Presentation

  • Initiation of Presentation with Business Card

  • Sample Presentation with Cue-Sheet [Presentation Practice]

  • Feedback on effectiveness of First delivery of Business Presentation

  • 9 Aspects Of A Dynamic Presentation - Aspect#2=The Message

  • Practical Case - Which part deals with Message / Information / Facts / Conclusion of a model Presentation

  • Spoken Presentation Formula

  • 9 Aspects Of A Dynamic Presentation - Aspect#3=The Structure of Presentation 

  • Spoken Presentation - The Rule of Tell'em

  • Quote to Note

  • Start & Proceed to design & prepare Worksheets

  • 9 Aspects Of A Dynamic Presentation - Aspect#4=The CAPTION for Presentation

  • Put Question & Get Answer

  • Final Tips on One-2-One Presentation

One-2-Few Presentation

  • Overview of Presentation with Display Folder

  • 9 Aspects Of A Dynamic Presentation - Aspect#5=The Audience

  • Display Folder Presentation – Features & Best benefits

  • Planning & Preparation

  • Quote to Note

  • Sample Presentation with Display Folder [Presentation Practice]

  • Feedback on effectiveness of Second delivery of Business Presentation

  • Quote to Note

  • 9 Aspects Of A Dynamic Presentation - Aspect#6=The Channel & Design [Audio-Visual aids, Non-verbal, Pictorial, Aural, Body language]

  • Put Question & Get Answer

  • Final Tips on One-2-few Presentation

  • Start & Proceed to design & prepare Worksheets + power point template for Public Presentation and Team Presentation.

 One -2- Many  Presentation

  • Public Presentation Features & Best benefits

  • 9 Aspects Of A Dynamic Presentation- Aspect#7=The Setting [Venue & facilities]

  • Alert game

  • Planning & Preparation of MS Power Point files - brief tutorial

  • Quote to Note

  • Sample Presentation by Participants with help of MS Power Point Templates [Presentation Practice]

  • Feedback on effectiveness of Third delivery of Business Presentation

  • Quote to Note

  • 9 Aspects Of A Dynamic Presentation - Aspect#8=The Noise [ External & Internal - Presentation Nerves]

  • Put Question & Get Answer

  • Final Tips on One-2-Many Presentation

Many -2- Many  Presentation

  • Co or Joint or Team Presentation Features & Best benefits

  • Team game

  • Team Presentation by Participants with help of pre-designed MS Power Point 

  • Feedback on effectiveness of Fourth delivery of Business Presentation

  • Quote to Note

  • 9 Aspects Of A Dynamic Presentation - Aspect#9=The Feedback [ 3 R PROCESS]

  • Put Question & Get Answer

  • Final Tips on Many-2-Many Presentation

Polishing the Business Presentation Delivery

  • Focus on purpose & message

  • Approaches that add spice

  • Headline to head start

  • Quote to Note

  • Art of using Captions & Sub-captions

  • Live ingredients for lively delivery

  • Identifying problems in presentations & implementing solutions

  • Quote to Note

  • Importance of Presentation Delivery within a strict time constraint

  • More better way to use audio visual aids for better delivery

  • How to pose questions that reinforce your message

  • Sample Presentation by Participants after fine-tuning structure 

  • Feedback on effectiveness of Fifth delivery of Business Presentation

 Business Communication skills

  • Check clarity of your communication

  • Maintain communication channel with audience

  • Techniques to diffusing inflammatory situations

  • Quote to Note

  • Ideas + brief points = commentary

  • How to put together subject content for quick presentation

  • Importance of Business Vocabulary

  • Quote to Note

  • Use Business English keywords

  • Develop pronunciation skills

  • Written vs Spoken sentence formations for better business presentation

Business Presentation Etiquette & Personal Style

  • Speaking with power and persuasion

  • Controlling speaking stress, fear and apprehension

  • Causes and cures for nervousness

  • Quote to Note

  • Benefit from nervous energy to tone-up expressive capacity

  • Building inner calm and outward composure [Body Language]

  • Visual impact-posture, movement gestures

  • Quote to Note

  • Etiquette game

  • Method of breathing for more proficient speaking, clarity, audibility and projection

  • Commanding attention with expressive voice

  • Stand to stand-out 

  • How do I look? Body language analysis

  • Sample Presentation by Participants after implementing revised style 

  • Feedback on effectiveness of Sixth delivery of Business Presentation

Winning Them Over 

  • Ideal ways to get small / large number of audience involved

  • Gaining the attention and interest of the audience

  • Techniques to answer / reply [difficult] questions

  • Meeting & managing audience expectations

  • Proven tactics for dealing with problems from the audience

  • Dealing with difficult audiences

  • Business topic Presentation via LCD projector [Final Presentation]

  • Impressions of audience & observations of Workshop Facilitator on Seventh [Final] delivery of Business Presentation

  • Quote to Note

  • Remaining confident and professional when you don't know the answer

  • Treating each question as an opportunity, rather than a missile

  • View & review video clipping of participants' final Presentation 

Better Business Presentations - Personal action plan

  • Awareness on the remaining areas for further development and improvement

  • Expected Qualities and characteristics of a business Presenter 

  • Individual self-assessment of progress achieved + Overall workshop feedback

Back to Top   Presentation Aspect #1 PRESENTER role is to check whether Message received, understood, interpreted correctly & filed in receiver mind. 

   Presentation Aspect #2 Focus on MESSAGE. But not on the information & Facts that support it. 

   Presentation Aspect #3 STRUCTURE Your Presentation with 10/10/70/10 Rule

  Presentation Aspect #4 CAPTIONS + Bullet icons + Header + Footer enhance a Presentation.

  Presentation Aspect #5 The more you know about your AUDIENCE the easier it will be to communicate your message

  Presentation Aspect #6 Presentation should consist of a speaker backed by CHANNEL & DESIGN  [VISUAL-AIDS] and not vice-versa

  Presentation Aspect #7 Presentation SETTING may enhance or interfere with Presentation.

  Presentation Aspect #8 Presentation  NERVOUS energy enables to communicate with energy, passion & conviction  Presentation Aspect #9 3 R process shall be followed for Presentation  FEEDBACK for further development and improvement.

  • The instruction includes brief orientation on the topics followed by exercises and group interaction.
  • This workshop is highly participative with each attendee giving several types of “real world” sample presentations.
  • Prepared presentations will be given by each in turn during first day. Participants prepare a formal presentation as a homework assignment before Day 2
  • Skill practice, reviews & feedback are used extensively and the final Presentation will be  videoed and played-back. The video file will be copied on to the CD for the participants to take away for themselves.
  • Positive aspects of each presentation are reinforced and  options are given for turning negatives into positives.
  • Throughout the workshop the participants will gain a wide range of practical experience through numerous exercises, reviews, games and innovative approaches.

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Explanation by way of examples is BEST in workshop- H S Sharma, Chief Manager, Bank of Baroda, Mumbai   - India

more testimonials ....

  • Anybody who has a need to  make any type of Business Presentation.

  • Businessmen

  • Professionals

  • Working Executives 

  • All those individuals who have some prior public speaking experience, particularly useful for individuals who are required to speak and make presentations in front of small or large groups,

  • Certified participants of 1234 Presentation Skills Workshops

Back to Top   Every participant gets an opportunity to make sample presentations  to eliminate fear of speaking and improve self-confidence 

8.Workshop Director

The prime facilitator is Director,  who has a passion  in conducting workshops and an accomplished public speaker. He is assisted and supported by other faculty members who are alumina of workshops. Here is his brief back-ground:

Suryanarayana S V, M.Com., B.G.L., FCS, CAIIB, DBM, DCP 

He has rich experience of over 34 years  in making presentations in electronic media and live public presentations in training programmes, workshops, seminars, conferences, professional meetings etc., on topics ranging from Communication skills to Mentor programmes. Motivation & Mentor programmes to Corporate Executives & Students He has made hundreds of presentations in  training & orientation programmes after spending thousands of man-hours in researching , preparation and making unique multi media presentations which have become his forte.

  • He has been a Career Counsellor who addressed: 
    ² 240 Career counseling programmes addressed in the Colleges on Professional courses. 
    ² 88 Career events were organised in educational institutions on  behalf of Rotary Club in India & Australia

  • He has been lead Facilitator for both public and in-house workshops organized by 

  • He is a Rotary International Volunteer, Chairperson -Rotary Volunteers for Rotary International District 3150 (comprising 64 Rotary Clubs in Andhra Pradesh state in India) and Director - Vocational awareness & Career Guidance Services of Rotary Club of Secunderabad-West.

  • His presentation sessions have been very well received and rated as best by participants in India, Australia & Singapore. He is recipient of several Accolades and Awards for his Spoken Presentations.

Back to Top workshop made me so enthusiastic and so involved that I did not notice passage of time. The workshop Director established wavelength with all participants and took us to a greater height.- M V S Appa Rao, Corporate Secretary, ING Vysya Bank Ltd., Bangalore    - India

more testimonials .... specializes in providing Personal & Business Excellence Avenues that includes Presentation Skills workshops and have been doing just that for over 3  years. Since 2004 has trained and coached 1,200+ people in presentation skills. Majority of the participants' written feedback indicate that our workshop created best impressions. But don't take our word for it. Please read what our participants have said about our workshops and how Media has covered our programmes:

Participants' impressions on Workshop: Participants who attended our latest  workshops given their thoughts and impressions - a few of them are:

# I was able to express myself better and overcome the fear of facing the audience in my presentation – Ms Sreedevi.B, Administrative Officer, Export Import Bank of India , Chennai.  

# The best learning experience to me in this workshop was to know how to coordinate and make a co / team presentation. –Ravi Sharma, Consultant, SAP Labs India, Bangalore  

#  I learnt through all the sessions, the way every type of presentation to be made. This workshop is SPECTACULAR -Ms Atchula Baby Jyothi Sree, Student [B. E –I ] , Hyderabad  

# I liked the procedural approach adopted in this workshop I attended in Chennai. I learnt the magic of finishing any presentation on time. –  K G Guna, Sales Engineer, Arabian Elevators , Jeddah -KAS  

# The best benefited part I learnt is the  sequential order to organize the material for making any Presentation - M Savandas Prabhu, Director, Ypsilon Consulting Private Limited., Bangalore

#  Positive aspects of   presentations were taken-up first and then corrected by  workshop Director was good –Mrs.T Revathy, Director General, THP Institute  -  Hyderabad

Click Here to view MORE testimonials 

Media coverage:

Putting your best foot forward:   THE HINDU Chennai 

Maate Magnet: Andhra Jyothi Telugu Daily-Hyderabad-India:         

Around The City THE HINDU Bangalore at

How to make a presentation THE HINDU Chennai 24 October, 2005

Honing your presentation skills THE HINDU Chennai at

Workshop On Presentation Skills Event Profiles

Click Here view features by Media

Back to Top   Effective Business Presentations can make an enormous difference in focusing the audience on what the PRESENTER wants them to 'take away' from the presentation."  Presentation Tip #4       PRESENTATION  research is the key to being confident.   Every person who has a desire to create positive impression and enhance his/her image through b2B Presentations could be the ideal beneficiary  


Participants will receive:

1.Poly Covered Ring Binder of A4 Size 
2.editin Name Badge 
3.editin Scribbling Pad +Pen
4.Work-sheets + Check lists 
5.Sheet protectors to accommodate A4 size Work sheets
Workshop Manual printed copy containing: (1) write-up on skill development (2) Glossary - Words & jargon generally used in Presentations - A resource list of 150 items with meaning & explanation for future reference & usage. 
7. Free CD featuring
Workshop Manual + Power Point templates + Software for Presentation Skills Self-evaluation + eBook on '"Presentation Secrets"  [worth US $ 25]
9.Online Certificate of Participation in pdf format parked for 6 Months on to view online with facility to download to save / print in color or forward via eMail to others. 

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Language:  English 
Dress code:   Formal 
Mobile Phone:  Power off
Reporting time :   Fifteen minutes before schedule time of workshop

Public Workshop:

Please view our Calendar at: 


Private Workshop for a group:

Private Workshop [ for an exclusive group ]:
Please send email to us to know how to conduct this workshop for a group of participants or as an In-house program by Companies.

One-on-one Workshop:  
This facility is not available for business To Business Presentations Workshop.
Please click here to check whether Executive Workshop suits you.




Batch size: Minimum: 10 persons & Maximum: 25 persons
Workshop venue/date/timings may be changed / rescheduled due to external circumstances.  
After registration, please check  your emails or enquire over phone for latest information
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  • Fee per each participant for this two-day workshop [ Total 15 Hours]  is:- Rs. 5,555 (Rupees Five Thousand Five Hundred and Fifty Five ) inclusive of all levies + Working Lunch +  two times Tea/Coffee +  workshop kit.

  • Special Fee is applicable for Certified participants of 1234 Presentation Skills Workshops who may send via eMail request for provisional registration quoting the Certificate Number / Month & Year in which he/she  attended the 1234 Presentation Skills Workshop.

  • Registration is pre-requisite to attend the workshop. prepares & keep ready personalized  material to include in the workshop kit. We therefore advise you to get yourself registered much ahead of workshop schedule day(s). Spot registration is discouraged.

  • Registration for this workshop means forwarding Fee Cheque / DD +Your basic particulars on  your organization Letter Head or your details  on a plain paper: (1)Name of participant(s), (2) Designation, (3) Organization (4) Address, (5) Phone Numbers (office & residence) (6) Mobile Number, (7) eMail id + additional / alternative eMail id (8) Payment details (9) Workshop date & city opted.

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Please write on the back of the DD or Cheque your Name, Contact Phone/Mobile,e-mail id and Workshop date with city opted.

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