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 Executive One-2-One Workshop

Who has the courage to say to the CEO:
"As a Businessman, you may be brilliant, but as a Presenter, you are awful !" 
has courage & competency to provide intensive orientation during Executive One-2-One workshop on how one can really develop the Content Skills-What to say? & Physical Skills-How to say?


Today's Business Professionals & Working Executives -CEOs, Directors, HODs and Functional  Managers  in  the  organizations  are  becoming more and more  visible. They are frequently called upon to address Board of Directors,  Customers, Stockholders, Financial Analysts, Foreign Collaborators, Conferences, Seminars and external or internal Meetings. Though they would really like to make Better Presentations, due to business/working pressures, these responsible persons find little time at their disposal  to plan, prepare and practice a proposed Presentation. This situation ultimately results into hurried presentation with ineffective communication and  unclear delivery of subject matter, thus disappointing the audience.


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A formal orientation on Presentation Skills has become more essential to make result oriented Presentations. has rich experience and proven expertise to make the weak presenters more comfortable, and seasoned presenters stronger. The objective of  Executive One-2-One Workshop is to convert good individual presenter into "VERY GOOD" and the very good presenter be made as "EXCELLENT &  RESPECTABLE".

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        Every person who has a desire to create positive impression and enhance his/her image must attend Executive One-2-One  workshop of  


This workshop is a confidential "one-to-one" session of 2+ hours to provide quick inputs and help the presenter to gain confidence  in any type of  communication situation. The step-by-step process is as follows:

  • Step-1: You or Your organization fill and forward to the request Form [click here to download] for conducting this Executive One-2-One workshop for a minimum time of 2 hours at the convenient venue selected, preferably a Board Room or an independent hall in your work premises. [Self-sponsored attendee needs to attend at  the premises as decided by editin  or its office ]

  • Step-2: The facilitator arrives at the venue much ahead of actual session to oversee the arrangements viz., PC + LCD Projector + Screen + seating arrangements.

  • Step-3: The participant will  make sample presentation on a subject with a duration of 10-20 minutes through MS PowerPoint

  • Step-4: The facilitator observations will be made to set right the deficiencies

  • Step-5: A demo by the facilitator follows wherever required

  • Step-6: The participant makes refined sample presentation 

  • Step-7: Facilitator's tips to handle audience questions and answers

  • Step-8: Providing support material & workshop kit for future use.  

  • Step-9: Final guidance with the help of replay of Audio & Video recording 

Back to Top     Executive One-2-One  workshop will help plan, prepare & practice to deliver confident & effective Business Presentations       Every person who has a desire to create positive impression and enhance his/her image must attend Executive One-2-One  workshop.

You will learn how to:

  • Hook your audience during first few seconds of opening
  • Speak without detailed notes
  • Package key points into presentation outline or short notes
  • PowerPoint tricks to transform presentation ideas
  • Design and use of images or background visuals
  • Reduce nervousness
  • Boost confidence with energy & passion
  • Use Business vocabulary & pauses
  • Improve body language  voice, gestures
  • Create magical eye contact
  • Include humor in presentation
  • Connect with audience with personal experiences
  • Handle questions and answers
  • Rehearsing / practicing to check presentation flow
  • Adopt best practices for powerful closing with acknowledgements

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I attended the Executive One-2-One workshop because I needed to improve my self-confidence and make better presentation during the state level selection of State Bank Of India National Best Training Manager. I found the workshop incredibly effective and after doing a mock up presentation and being told where I needed improvement, I am applying these techniques throughout my subsequent presentations.. Sourirajan, Officer, State Bank of India, Hyderabad, India

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What speaking situations will this workshop prepare you for?

      • One-on-one presentations
     • Presentations to small groups to large number of audience
     • Board room presentations
     • Client presentations
     • Presentation at panel discussions
     • Paper Presentations during Seminars or Conferences
     • Road shows
     • Industry conferences
     • Investor and analyst presentations
     • Annual meetings
     • Sales presentations
     • Departmental meetings
     • Regulatory hearings
     • Legislative proceedings
     • Product announcements
     • TelePrompter

Back to Top   Executive One-2-One workshop is for Businessmen & Working Executives  who would like to freshen up or fine tune their presenting skills

  • Improved ability in communication situations results in an improved image of the Senior Executive and the organization.

  • Instead of leaving a presentation saying, "Just another boring presentation," listeners will begin to say, "Wow! That person is really sharp & result oriented!"

  • Improve skills in organizing and delivering presentations intended  either internal or external purposes.

  • You will also understand how you relate your subject to the audience and how you can get your message across.

  • You'll discover how you can match your own personal style of presenting to the requirements of your industry or business sector with which your organization is associated with.

  • You'll find out what you are good at when presenting - and what you are not so good at.

  • Feel more comfortable and confident when presenting and leading meetings

  • Command professional respect when you are representing your organization

  • Clients, employees, customers and prospects will REMEMBER what you say and TAKE ACTION!

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I felt the Executive One-2-One workshop 100's of times more confident than when I started. I could prepare well and confident during my PowerPoint presentation for the Trade Advisor interview conducted by The Canadian High Commission. It's with pleasure that I would like to recommend this workshop to others to gain extraordinary benefits. - Abhishek Reddy, Marketing Executive, Hyderabad, India  

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This course is not a course to teach you the mechanics of preparing PowerPoint slides. It assumes that you have some knowledge of the making and using PowerPoint slideshow, or an assistant who prepares slides to your instruction. It is also assumed that the attendee of this work has developed some general presentation skills through earlier courses or experience.  Hence this workshop could be attended by:


  • Top Executives like CEOs, Directors, GMs; HODs & Middle Management Executives, those just started their Corporate Career and everyone in-between these levels

  • Businessmen, Professionals, Working Executives & Students who are self-sponsored for this workshop and all those individuals who have some prior public speaking experience, particularly useful for individuals who are required to speak and make presentations in front of small or large groups,

  • Certified participants of 1234 Presentation Skills Workshops  or b2B Presentations Workshop who would like to fine tune their skills.

Back to Top  Executive One-2-One workshop  makes weak presenters more comfortable, and seasoned presenters stronger.

8.Workshop Director

The prime facilitator is Director,  who has a passion  in conducting workshops and an accomplished public speaker. He is assisted and supported by other faculty members who are alumina of workshops. Here is his brief back-ground:

Suryanarayana S V, M.Com., B.G.L., FCS, CAIIB, DBM, DCP 

He has rich experience of over 34 years  in making presentations in electronic media and live public presentations in training programmes, workshops, seminars, conferences, professional meetings etc., on topics ranging from Communication skills to Mentor programmes. Motivation & Mentor programmes to Corporate Executives & Students He has made hundreds of presentations in  training & orientation programmes after spending thousands of man-hours in researching , preparation and making unique multi media presentations which have become his forte.

  • He has been a Career Counsellor who addressed: 
    ² 240 Career counseling programmes addressed in the Colleges on Professional courses. 
    ² 88 Career events were organised in educational institutions on  behalf of Rotary Club in India & Australia

  • He has been lead Facilitator for both public and in-house workshops organized by 

  • He is a Rotary International Volunteer, Chairperson -Rotary Volunteers for Rotary International District 3150 (comprising 64 Rotary Clubs in Andhra Pradesh state in India) and Director - Vocational awareness & Career Guidance Services of Rotary Club of Secunderabad-West.

  • His presentation sessions have been very well received and rated as best by participants in India, Australia & Singapore. He is recipient of several Accolades and Awards for his Spoken Presentations.

Back to Top workshop made me so enthusiastic and so involved that I did not notice passage of time. The workshop Director established wavelength with all participants and took us to a greater height.- M V S Appa Rao, Corporate Secretary, ING Vysya Bank Ltd., Bangalore    - India

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Corporate Sponsored Attendee

Self-sponsored Participant


Venue: Compact Conference Room / Any Exclusive Room with AV equipment [LCD Projector, Audio System etc.,] Office Room of Executive to be avoided Office of editin at Hyderabad or any other premises as intimated by editin in other cities.


Preferred Days & Time

Saturday or Sunday:

10 am to 12 Noon


2 pm to 4 pm

Any Day

6 pm to 8 pm


8 pm to 10 pm


Maximum Persons Allowed Registered Participant + Assistant involved in preparation of PowerPoint File. Registered Participant only


Workshop Observances
Language: English 
Dress code:  Formal 
Mobile Phone: Power off
Reporting time :  Fifteen minutes before schedule time of workshop
Language: English  or Telugu
Dress code:  Semi Formal 
Mobile Phone: Power off
Reporting time :  Twenty minutes before schedule time of workshop


Things to be followed before & during workshop

Before workshop: To forward  to editin by eMail PowerPoint file in MS Office PowerPoint 2003 version. File attachment size not to exceed 1MB

During workshop: To bring:

(a) Own Laptop  [Required]

(b) Flash USB drive / CD with PowerPoint File

(c) Printed Notes prepared by you

Before workshop: To forward  to editin by eMail PowerPoint file in MS Office PowerPoint 2003 version. File attachment size not to exceed 1MB

During workshop: To bring:

(a) Own Laptop  [Optional]

(b) Flash USB drive / CD with PowerPoint File

(c) Printed Notes prepared by you


Kit provided by editin
  1. Poly Covered Ring Binder of A4 Size 
  2. editin Scribbling Pad +Pen
  3. Work-sheets  
  4. A4 size Sheet protectors 
  5. Self-Evaluation Form
  6. One CD with eBook on "Secrets of Presentation" [ worth US$ 25 ]
  1. Poly Covered Ring Binder of A4 Size 
  2. editin Scribbling Pad +Pen
  3. Work-sheets  
  4.  A4 size Sheet protectors 
  5. Self-Evaluation Form



Rs.4,000 [Indian Rupees Four Thousand]

+ Rs. 1,000  [Indian Rupees One Thousand] per every additional one Hour

+ Reimbursement of To & Fro Travel Expense for faculty

Rs.2,000 [Indian Rupees Two Thousand]


Rs. 500  [Indian Rupees Five Hundred] per every additional one Hour



Registration / Booking
  • Submit via eMail  / Fax  the workshop request Form [Click here to download ]

  • Receive eMail confirmation from editin as to the date & time opted by you + provisional invoice for fee + Guidelines to prepare Powerpoint slides

  • Make advance  payment of fee by Cheque / DD / Online payment via credit card or net banking.


Contact Info:



SMS: 098480 80080 

 TeleFax: 040-23524904 #  Cell: 098489 80081 

Mailing Address:
Director- - Austin Exim Private Limited
# 13-6-439/A/7 – Satyanarayana Nagar,
Gudimalkapur – Mehdipatnam Ring-Road,

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I’ve never given a presentation before. Whether this workshop is useful?

This workshop is ideal if you have no experience or you are very nervous. It starts from the basics and covers how to proceed with presentation content as well as how to gain confidence. You will discover how to overcome nerves, how to look confident, feel confident and give a good basic presentation delivery skills.


Will this One-2-One workshop help to control my nerves?

Like all our other workshops, this also will teach you exactly how to prepare yourself to speak, what causes you to feel nervous and how to deal with the nerves. You will discover several simple but effective techniques that will make an instant improvement.


Shall I need to bring real presentations to the workshop for practice?

Of course you need to. We prefer to send the PowerPoint file through eMail to us ahead of the scheduled time of the workshop. This helps us to effectively guide you to improve the impact of presentation. In fact this has the additional advantage of not only being used for workshop purposes but also forms good practice for real world delivery. It does not matter what subject you bring, it certainly helps you fine tune your presentation.


I do not know how to prepare PowerPoint Slides. Will you also help me in preparing PowerPoint slide show?

This is not workshop to teach you the mechanics of preparing PowerPoint slides. We assume that you have some knowledge of the making and using PowerPoint slideshow, or an assistant who prepares slides to your instruction. We do not prepare PowerPoint for you. If you get your sample done by you or your assistant / friend, we guide you as to how to make modifications and run through it.


My assignment does not involve presentation through Power Point. It is only a speaking engagement. How this workshop is useful to me?

If your assignment does not involve using PowerPoint but just a speaking engagement, you can very well prepare your notes with bullet points and forward to us in advance to guide you appropriately. Listeners need a perfect flow of your spoken presentation. That is what you learn and improve in this workshop.


I have a specific problem I would like help with. Do you suggest  me to attend this workshop?

Executive One-2-One workshop is a popular option for a number of reasons. Those people with time constraints often require a more intensive coaching session than a public course allows. Individual sessions allow time for specific issues to be dealt with, as well as time for specific presentation / speeches to be edited, altered and practiced. 


We are having a conference and would like to have some public speaking and presentation skills orientation to a team of presenters. Can you come out and run it for us?

We have been delighted to have done just that for many organizations / companies. We can schedule this workshop for all your team members. Please give us more details about duration of presentation and number of presenters involved. This helps us to give our quote.


Unfortunately I don't have time to attend any live workshops or training programmes. But I am good at my public speaking and presentation skills. Do you have anything that would help me before my next Presentation at shorter notice?

Yes of course! Here's some advice for you.If the time issue is about short notice, then by prior arrangement we can work after hours, during working days instead of weekends and provide extreme short notice training but with some additional fee.


Who conducts the training courses - what qualifications do they have (or how much experience do they have)?

Our workshop's  main trainer is Mr.Suryanarayana SV [ whose profile is on this webpage]. He conducts most courses and does so from a background of 34 years in making Presentations. He has trained numerous individuals for solo and team presentation events. He is a veteran in this field [ Please see the testimonials of the participants of earlier workshops ]. We do not teach a massive range of subjects that we know little about – but train in the main area where we are the leaders.


Our Company wishes to plan this workshop for several Executives on continued basis. Are group discounts available?

Certainly. We can offer discounts if the workshop is conducted in the same premises for more than one time in a day. 


I am unable to pay by credit card. Can you send me an invoice?

We work mainly with invoices although payment can be arranged online. All prospective participants of this workshop receive an invoice sent to their work or home address as they prefer. Payment can also be made by Cheque or Bank Demand Draft.


I would like to bring along with me my friends / relatives. Do you allow them?

No. This workshop is for individual one to one coaching. It is better to avoid bringing any one with you to the workshop venue. If it is inevitable, such accompanying parsons may be requested to accommodated out side the workshop room.


Is there a cancellation policy?

If you book a place and cannot attend, we will work with you to try and make sure that we can swap you onto another slot. If the cancellation is at very short notice we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of up to 50%.


Will I be videotaped during this workshop?

Yes. Your sample presentation will be partially video recorded to review your strengths and deficiencies. This is always optional and you can easily decide not to be. If we tape you, you may opt for a copy of the soft file to look afterwards.


I have a few questions. Could I speak to workshop Director before I attend this workshop?

You are welcome to have a no obligation chat and all you need to do is tell us and we will call you. We will answer any outstanding questions and begin to get to know you.

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