Soft skills have proved to be prerequisite in today's scenario in the context of making a successful career and lead a wealthy  life


Real key to success in career & life is to capitalize on all skills by making soft skills and hard skills complementary to each other.


In today's global environment competition is stiff with several educational qualifications being made available to greater masses. Added to this, to get an edge over competitors, people are left with no choice but to add value to their hard skills with soft skills to exhibit one's true potential. Hard skills are the academic skills + experience and level of expertise as generally described in a resume. Soft skills are essentially to be categorized as Self Development Skills, Interaction Skills Organization Skills and Communication Skills.  Personal Qualities (Innate Skills) and Soft Skills  with personal values define a person's ability to fit into a given situation. 

Soft Skills -a key to better Career Well-documented studies conducted by Harvard University and Stanford Research Institute report that technical skills and knowledge contribute to only 15 per cent of one's success while soft skills make up the remaining 85 per cent.   Persons who rank high with good soft skills, are generally the people that most employers want to hire, retain and promote. Technical and job-related skills are a must, but they are NOT sufficient when it comes to progressing up the ladder. Superior performance depends on how well an individual  handles himself / herself and others  around the work-space. Soft skills therefore complement the hard skills.

Not just for career Soft skills are useful for creating and taking advantage, of opportunities - be it a fresh job or making a long-term career or becoming a professional or businessman.  Interestingly the acquisition of soft skills also empower anyone to build flexibility into future. Most soft skills are regarded as transferable skills, e.g. communication, project management, business and team work, which are needed in nearly all aspects of life, not just for career alone. That is why  soft skills enables one to grow not just as a techie but as a person. While it's important to recognize and build on your soft skills, that doesn't mean that hard skills are to be neglected. The real key to success in career & life is to capitalize on all your skills by making soft skills and hard skills complementary to each other.



Awareness about Soft skills is essential as this is not included  in academic curricula.


Soft Skills & Career cycle Every person's career cycle  comprises of  following three phases:
(1) Career choice
[Career options available to both entrants & experienced
(2) Career development
[Career progress with a blend of theory & practice ]
(3) Career growth
[Career achievements with excellence & expertise ]

Identifying which career activities require soft skills is extremely important.  Getting conversant with soft skills becomes all the more relevant as our education system does not delve into personality development.   Importance of soft skills being a recent development,  few realize its significance and various facets, while others don't want to accept it due to the complexity of its approach. To learn about these skills one needs to change and any change is a challenge.  While a lot has been written and spoken on soft skills, most experts agree that when it comes to implementation there has been a lax approach due to lack of clarity as to how to demonstrate soft skills by individuals. Like any other education, one needs to first know more clearly about soft skills  and then implement  to experience its true essence and significance.

Get @head with Soft Skills workshop  is designed for those who would like to identify effective ways that one can practice and perfect  soft skills to increase overall competency in those areas as per present career phase.  This workshop provides the participants an orientation-cum-practice on how to bring to light the hidden talent and strengthen their soft skills. By taking part in practical oriented sessions and exercises throughout the workshop, participants will progressively learn techniques and tips to demonstrate their soft skills,  be it through a resume or an interview or in dealing with potential employers at career fairs, industrial association gatherings, and other career development activities. 

You have more power than you think. By attending this workshop,  a thinking process emerges  to effectively  build and use  soft skills to design your own path to success.

Master the art of showcasing your "secret skills" This  workshop gives an overview as to  what and how  the  30+ soft skills [ categorized into Self Development Skills + Interpersonal Skills + Communication & Presentation Skills + Organization Skills ]  that can be made use of by  individuals and demonstrate them through out the three phases of their career. The benefit out of this will enable the individuals to strengthen themselves to achieve excellence in their performance and  succeed in their chosen field of work. It empowers the participants of the workshop to understand "what soft skills they must posses from a corporate perspective" and "What soft skills they must acquire during the three phases of their career."

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What You Learn

Technical and job-related skills are a must, but they are NOT sufficient when it comes to progressing up the ladder.







Soft Skills Workshop will help you to:

q Understand the difference between the hard skills and soft skills  

q Learn to know the three basic phases of career and how to integrate soft skills with them 

q Learn about the minimum soft skills one must posses from a corporate perspective with a focus on what skills suit which phase of career.

q Learn tips to showcase 30+ soft skills  that could be demonstrated through out career

q Understand how to uncover the soft skills most effectively to achieve excellence in performance and  succeed in a chosen field of work  

The Best Benefits:

  • this workshop helps you to measure how sharp your soft skills are by taking a self- assessment 

  • it provides a unique opportunity for the participants on to how to develop their personality and upgrade their soft skills thereby enhancing their career prospects. 

  • this orientation also helps participants  in building and improving their skills  in career visioning and planning, effective resume writing and dealing with placement consultants, headhunters and responding positively to the promotion process by the existing employer.  

  • participants get ample scope to interact with each other and experience a wide variety of issues, topics, and situations that they are likely to come across in their career. 

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Workshop Outline

This workshop is conducted for Four hours [  9-00am  to  1-00pm    or 2-00pm to 6-00pm ] deals with following 4 topics with a unique methodology:

v Hard skills vs Soft skills  An introduction to provide an overview of concepts and dynamics 

v  Tell others about yourself  How to use soft skills in the first phase of career  with self-management skills.

v  Soft Skills that matter during the Career development phase with the help of Skill with People and Presentation Skills.

vSmart solutions to win  Final look at how soft skills can be measured and toned up during the career growth  phase  with a focus on Business Acumen Skills.

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Who can participate

Students pursuing Degree / PG / Professional Courses, Career seeking Collegians, Probationers, Job beginner, New entrants in companies,  Apprentices, Amateurs, Trainees, New recruits, Raw recruits, Working Executives  Self-Employed, Businessmen,  Academicians, Trainers, Professionals [Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries, CFAs, MBAs, Doctors, Engineers, Advocates, HRD, IT, Marketing etc.,] Consultants,   Dream Team leaders of Service Organizations[ Rotary Club, Lions Club, Jaycees, Round Table etc.,] 

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Workshop Director









Suryanarayana S V, M.Com., B.G.L., FCS, CAIIB, DBM, DCP 

  • He has rich experience of over 32 years  in making presentations in electronic media and live public presentations in training programmes, workshops, seminars, conferences, professional meetings etc., on topics ranging from Communication skills to Mentor programmes. Motivation & Mentor programmes to Corporate Executives & Students He has made hundreds of presentations in  training & orientation programmes after spending thousands of man-hours in researching , preparation and making unique multi media presentations which have become his forte.

  • He has been a Career Counsellor who addressed: 
    ˛ 240 Career counseling programmes addressed in the Colleges on Professional courses. 
    ˛ 88 Career events were organised in educational institutions on  behalf of Rotary Club in India & Australia

  • He has been lead Facilitator for workshops on Presentation Skills organized by 

  • His Honorary Positions include: q Former Chairman (1996)& Managing Committee Member (1992-97)Hyderabad Chapter - The Institute of Company Secretaries of India q Member (2004-2006) & Secretary (2006) of Southern India Regional Council of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India.q Former Director - The Company Secretaries Mutually Aided Co-operative Society Limited, Hyderabad q Member: Hyderabad Management Association & Consumers Association of India

  • He is a Rotary International Volunteer, Chairperson -Rotary Volunteers for Rotary International District 3150 (comprising 64 Rotary Clubs in Andhra Pradesh state in India) and Director - Vocational awareness & Career Guidance Services of Rotary Club of Secunderabad-West.

  • His presentation sessions have been very well received and rated as best by participants in India, Australia & Singapore. He is recipient of several Awards for his Spoken Presentations

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What's more special about this course?




Well, it is not really a course in the conventional sense of the word. It's a workshop. By that we mean that the emphasis is on orientation, interaction and experimentation.

You'll learn by doing, feeling and seeing. Not just by listening. We're not here to just tell you the theory - we are here to help you learn by experiencing it for yourself! We ensure that an energized atmosphere is maintained throughout the workshop to maximize your learning potential.

Skills are acquired through a series of practical exercises that allow you to work intensively on specific techniques. Skill practice is integrated throughout the workshop.

And please remember, we guarantee that you’ll also be learning from a trainer who is experienced in bringing out the best in people of all levels of experience.


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Workshop kit





Participants will receive:

  1. A4 Size Folder 

  2. editin Pen

  3. Workshop Manual containing Worksheets, Write-ups on Soft Skills and Glossary - Words & jargon generally used in dealing with Soft Skills - A resource list of 50 items with meaning & explanation for  future reference & usage.

  4. Free book on Personality Development

  5. Certificate of Participation


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Workshop observances

Language:  English 
Dress code:   Formal 
Mobile Phone:  Power off
Reporting time :   Fifteen minutes before schedule time of workshop


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Where to attend this workshop








Individual: An individual can registered to attend any of our upcoming workshop [ 4 Hours ] by paying a fee of Rs. 456 [Rupees Four Hundred and Fifty Six] inclusive of cost of Workshop kit + Certificate of participation.  Please send an eMail to  your Address, eMail ids, Phone Numbers, Mobile Number so as to inform you about our upcoming workshops conducted in your City. You can also click here  to provide your info via email to

Group: offers to conduct this workshop for a group of persons as in-house program at  the premises of an Educational Institution / Company / Organization where necessary infrastructure and facilities are made available. The objective is to provide flexibility in the choice of workshop location, dates and  timings [ 9-00am to 1-00pm or 2-00pm to 6-00pm]. Fee per participant shall be Rs. 345 [Three Hundred and Forty Five] inclusive of cost of Workshop kit+ Certificate of participation. Batch size: Minimum: 30 persons & Maximum: 100 persons. A proposal Form along with a list of prospective participants is required to be sent to  atleast one week in advance  to prepare & keep ready personalized  material to include in the workshop kit.

Click here for   word file  or  pdf file  to download Proposal Form for workshop on Get @head with Soft Skills,

Courier the Proposal Form to: 
editin [Austin Exim Private Limited]
# 13-6-439/A/7 – Satyanarayana Nagar,
Behind Gudimalkapur [Jaansingh] Balaaji Temple,
Mehdipatnam Ring-Road,
Phone: 040 -23524904   #   Cell: 098489 80081


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